How to apply?

Posted at 2023-02-24 13:56:36
Before Applying....
Step 1- Check your eligibility. Make sure that you are qualified to apply as an international degree student.
Step 2- Check Academic Requirements and Language Proficiency Requirements
Step 3- Check whether the department/institute for which you intend apply accept international students
Step 4- Read Admission Handbook carefully
Application Procedure
Step 1- Create an account with the email address you often use.
Step 2- Fill out the online application form. You may refer to the instruction of online application system if you encounter any problem.
Step 3- Select up to 3 department/ graduate institutes. Each applican may apply to up to three departments/graduate institutes. Where an applicant receives more than one admission offer, they can only choose one department/graduate institute to enroll in.
Step 4- Upload documents:
  • Documents required for eligibility check:  1) Official Degree Certificate; 2) Full Official Transcript; 3) Proof of Nationality; 4) Language Proficiency Certificate Required by NCU.
  • Documents required by Admission Committee for academic review: 1) Language Proficiency Certificate; 2) Recommendation Letters; 3) Additional Required Documents.
  • Other required documents: 1) photographs; 2) financial statment; 3) other materials that support the students' application.
Step 5- 1 or 2 Recommendation Letters are required. Fill-in your recommenders' information, you will be able to send out the recommendation letter requests through the application system to your recommenders' e-mails. You will be able to check if your recommender has opened the email, and whether they have uploaded a recommendation letter. The recommendation letters are considered part of your application. You will only be able to submit your application after the minimum number of recommendation letters have been uploaded. Please ensure that your recommender uploads the recommendation letters within the designated time frame.
Step 6- Submit the application to the system before the application deadline. Late submission and incomplete application will not be processed.
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