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National Central University (NCU) is one of the elite Taiwanese universities. We have 12,000 students, 8 colleges, 26 departments, 19 graduate institutes, 6 university-level research centers, 1 united research center and the Affiliated Zhongli Senior High School.

Our research programs extend to diverse fields. We range from Astronautical Physics and Engineering Research Program, High Energy and High Field Physics Research Program, Earthquake Disaster & Risk Evaluation and Management Research Program, Cognitive Intelligence and Precision Healthcare Research Program, Environmental Monitoring and Technology Research Program, to Space and Remote Sensing Research Program. Moreover, Astronomical Observation Research Program at Lulin Observatory.

When it comes to social science, sex/gender, film, cultural research, Hakka culture, Eastern and Western Performing Arts, finance, and Business Management. NCU is truly a comprehensive university of rich scientific and humanistic facilities.

NCU has more than 1000 international students and newcomers have doubled over the past three years. 80% of which are from new southbound countries. Moreover, NCU has more than 100 student clubs, including various group extracurricular activities.

Looking for the excellence? You definitely need to put NCU in your first priority. Come and join us!

**We do not grant any authority to any third paties to conduct international student recruitment. Please contact the Office of International Affairs if you have any inquiries.