Spring 2023 Admission is OPEN Now! (Application Deadline: 5 pm (GMT+8) October 31, 2022)

Posted at 2022-09-01 16:21:30
For detailed information please download the application handbook.
Application Period:  August 15 to 5 pm on October 31, 2022
Result Announcement Date: 12:00 (GMT+8) December 9, 2022

Application Procedure:

1. Complete all the application procedure, including filling the online application form, uploading all the required documents, and online recommendation letters. Late submission and incomplete application will not be processed.

2. Make sure that you are qualified to apply as an international degree student.

3. Check whether the department/institute for which you intend to apply accepts international students.

4. Check the required documents that are requested to prepare.

5. Each applicant may only register for one account only. Each account can apply for 3 programs at most. Applicants with multiple accounts will be disqualified from application.

6. Log in and fill out the online application form.

7. Fill in the Recommenders' Information. Recommenders will receive an invitation and email notice from the online system.

8. Upload all the application documents in PDF format to the system and reminder recommender to complete the online recommendation procedure before the application deadline.


Contact Person: Ms. Novia Hung-Pei Chen (IntlAdms@ncu.edu.tw or ncu57143@g.ncu.edu.tw)